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KT601 - patchworked khaki pants.

three pairs of dead stock khakis are used to create a fabric panel, onto which the pattern of an archival design from 1998 is applied, to create a unique pair of pants.


the original pants are dissected, fused with cotton lining, and reassembled into a patchwork that preserves the intricacies of each pair.

limited edition of 5.

made in new york.

100% cotton.

machine wash cold. do not dry clean. 

air dry only. hot iron after wash.

made for and sold exclusively at

café forgot x nordstrom space.


Pre-orders are now open.
After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay 50% of the order. Another email will be sent once the pants are ready with a payment link for the outstanding balance. 

price: US$ 960
ships: december 15, 2022

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